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As this is a 'standard format' website, there are some things that we would like differently, but these options are not available. To help you out a bit in finding your way on the website, we will answer some questions that might make using it a bit easier.

What does this website offer?
RT reference Photos offers high resolution direct downloads of photographs to use as a reference for creating (non-digital) art works (Read more in our Terms & Conditions)

What Are The Prices?
Most photographs are available for art reference use for prices between € 10,- and € 35,- per photograph. Prices will show once you click on an image or click on 'Buy'. Note: when you click on 'Buy' the image has not yet been added to your cart. You need to choose the product first. On our website we offer images for Art Reference Use (with standard or extended royalty free licenses), so you need to choose your required license by clicking on it.

Why is there a price difference for photographs?
Our most precious images have higher prices simply because they are special to us. We spend a lot of time observing the animals and trying to capture precious moments and beautiful faces. Some of the animals or photographs have a very special place in our hearts and are therefore in a higher price category.

We are also amateur photographers still developing our photographing skills. We started off with a basic camera and less zoom. Some of the older photographs make great references, but are of a different quality than our current work. They are still detailed, but sometimes slightly more grainy or a little less crisp. For us it does not feel right to ask the same price for it. 

We have put a notice* in the caption (and/or title) of the images that are slightly grainy, but still detailed enough to work from. Sometimes the emotion or image is more precious than the quality of the photograph. If you feel uncertain if it is detailed enough for the project you have in mind, feel free to request a partial zoomed-in screenshot.

* Unfortunately the captions seem to be only visible when visiting our website on a computer.

Another reason is that some images have been offered on other reference photos websites and are therefore less exclusive. We may have decided to reduce the price a bit for that reason.

Why do I have to pay for using your photos as a reference?
Using our photos as a reference is not free. Not because we want to make 'a lot' of money, but because photography is an expensive and time consuming hobby too. We use high quality (Canon) camera equipment and (Adobe) editing programs and have put a lot of time and energy in taking and editting our photos. We just ask for a small fee, to support us as amateur photographers. 😊 So whether you do or do not need a high resolution image, there is a (small) fee for using our images as a reference for your art.

Our dream is to just make a little bit extra, so we can support wildlife conservation programs.

What is the difference between Standard Royalty Free License and the Extended Royalty Free licenses and how do I know which one I should use?
The standard price, the "Art Reference Use" price, includes our Standard Royalty Free License. This includes royalty free use for the original art piece, including prints, merchandise, NFT's etc. up to €1.000,- 

If you expect the sales (of the original art piece, including prints, merchandise, NFT's etc.) will be over €1.000,- we offer you the possibility to purchase an Extended Royalty Free License in advance, instead of asking for 10% or the royalties.

So which product you choose, depends on your expected sales. You can choose between the following products:
Art Reference Use (including Standard Royalty Free License): up to €1.000,-
Extended Royalty Free License 1: up to €2.500,-
Extended Royalty Free License 2: up to €5.000,-
Extended Royalty Free License 3:  up to €10.000,-

Extended Royalty Free License 4: for over €10.000,-

I want to make a painting for personal use, do I also need to ask permission?
Yes. Please always check with us first if the image you like is available and we will inform you accordingly if the image can be used as a reference and what the price is. If you do not need a high resolution download, there can a reduced fee in some cases.

How Do I Save A Photo For Later?
You can add photos to your favourites by clicking on the heart or choose 'add to favourites'. Do make sure your have an account and are logged in. You can find your favourites on the top right, when clicking on ‘my account’.

How Do I Use The 5=4 Discount?
When you purchase 5 photographs, you pay for 4 photos. This translates into a 20% discount on your total purchase when buying 5 or more photos in one order. Do make sure you enter the coupon code 5=4  before check out.

Do I Have To Create An Account?
You can create an account, so your details will be saved, but you can also check out without creating an account. You just need to enter your name and e-mail address

How do I purchase a photograph for art reference use?
When you found a photo you would like to use as a reference, you can click on "Buy". You will then see "Art Reference Use" with the price next to it. If you click on that, the image will be added to your cart and you can go to the cart to finish your order or continue shopping.

Where can I see the image resolution?
It takes some steps to find the image resolution. One of the things we hope the website provider can change in a next update, but no guarantees. ;)

There are two places to see the image resolution. 1) Once added to your cart, the dimension shows. 2) When you click on an image you like, you see 'go to shop'. You then have to choose for 'Downloads' or 'Art reference use'. You get to see more details, including the image dimension.

Why are not all photographs the same size?
We only have so much zoom on our camera's. We often crop the photograph to create a more intimate image. But the photographs we offer are always in the highest resolution available.

Why Are Some Photos More Grainy Than Others?
Without getting too much into photography, photos are grainy when the lighting is poor and we needed to use a high ISO number. Since we mostly photograph outside and depend on natural lighting, we need 'more light' on a cloudy day or when animals hide in the shade. We choose to share photos that might be a little grainy, but only the ones that still show enough detail.

We have put a notice* in the caption of the images that are slightly grainy, but still detailed enough to work from. Sometimes the emotion or image is more precious than the quality of the photograph. If you feel entertain if it is detailed enough for the project you have in mind, feel free to request a partial zoomed-in screenshot.

* Unfortunately the captions seem to be only visible when visiting our website on a computer.

Which Payment methods do you accept?
This is also a standard set up. You can pay by credit card (Visa, Amex or Mastercard) or by PayPal.

Can I pay in my own currency?
We only accept payment in Euros. We have not yet discoverd if there is an option to show the prices on your own currency at least, but we will sort that out later. Our main priority now is to first upload photographs.

Can I Sell Prints/Merchandise Of An Art Piece I Created Inspired By A Reference Photo I Purchased On Your Website?

Can I sell prints/merchandise of an original photograph?
Original photographs are only to be used by the person who purchased said image(s) for Art Reference. You may not print, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish, post or create derivative works (where applicable) of said images and footage without our prior written permission.

I Want To Make An Exclusive Art Piece. What Can I Do?
If you wish to create an exclusive art piece, it is possible to claim 'exclusive use' or 'sole use' for reference on a photograph. If the artist and photographer can agree on the price, the photograph will be removed from our pages for art reference and will no longer be available for other artists. The copyright will remain with the photographer at all times, thus the photographer has the right to publish, print, share and sell the original photograph for anything other than art reference. For more information or to request 'exclusive use' on your favourite photograph(s), feel free to contact us.

What is RT's Budget Shop and where can I find it?
RT's Budget Shop is part of RT Reference Photos and is created to offer starting artists, artists with a smaller budget and all other artists that are not looking for extremely detailed reference photos a chance to purchase our images for a budget price. 😊

RT's Budget shop can be found here. Images are only € 5,- each. More informatio can be found  in the FAQs Budget Shop or in the Terms & Conditions Budget Shop. (Note: The Budget Shop is not finisehd yet, but fully functional).

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.