Welcome to RT's Budget Shop for Art Reference photos!

RT's Budget Shop is part of RT Reference Photos and is created to offer starting artists, artists with a smaller budget and all other artists that are not looking for extremely detailed reference photos a chance to purchase our images for a budget price. 😊

Before going through the images, make sure you READ THIS: Our Budget shop contains photographs that are NOT PERFECT and LESS DETAILED than the higher priced images in the regular Reference Photos Galleries. The photographs in our budget shop are our earlier work, photos that are quite hard to edit or photos that are slightly unsharp, but could still be inspirational for non-detailed work.

Why are these images less perfect? Think of less zoom or less advanced camera gear (early work). Or 'stripes' from fences that make a photograph hazy and pale and less detailed in those areas and/or fences in the background (hard to edit). Or having to photograph through thick glass, which makes a photograph unfortunately less sharp. But all the images can still show a beautiful moment or animal and be inspirational, just with less detail. 😊

Images in the Budget shop are only €5,- each but you can also choose to buy one of the packages:
3 for €12,- (Coupon code BUDGET3)
5 for €18,- (Coupon code: BUDGET5)
10 for €30,- (Coupon code BUDGET10)

The price includes our standard royalty free license up to € 1000,- . If you think your sales price of the original art piece and/or prints, merchandise, NFT's etc will go over €1000,-, you can purchase one of the Extended Royalty Free Licenses (more about that and all other terms can be found in our terms & conditions budget shop). Still want to know more? Have a look at our FAQs Budget Shop.

And this is just a start... Much more images to come! ;)

Happy shopping! 😊
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