Terms & Conditions RT’s Budget shop

RT’s Budget Shop offers photographs "By Tazi" (Natasja Walravens aka Tazi Brown) and by "RRW Animal Photography (Remco Walravens) for art reference use and are only to be used as reference for (non-digital*) artworks. Purchased images may be used solely by the person who purchased the photograph. You may use a purchased reference photo more than once. It is however not allowed to forward, share or give it to others. You may of course refer them to us to purchase their own.

*Digital art is not allowed, with the exception of digital drawing. But using the original image to create digital art by using filters, apps, edits etc. is not allowed.

RT’s Budget Shop
RT’s Budget Shop is part of RT Reference Photos and is created to offer starting artists, artists with a smaller budget and all other artists that are not looking for extremely detailed art reference photos a chance to purchase our images for a budget price. The maximum image resolution is 2000x3000. Items in the Budget Shop will not appear in the search results.

Our Budget shop contains photographs that are NOT PERFECT and LESS DETAILED than our higher priced images in the Reference Photos Galleries. The photographs in our budget shop are our earlier work, photos that are quite hard to edit or photos that are slightly unsharp, but could still be inspirational for non-detailed work.

Why are these images not perfect? Think of less zoom or less advanced camera gear (early work). Or 'stripes' from fences that make a photograph hazy and pale and less detailed in those areas and/or fences in the background (hard to edit). Or having to photograph through thick glass, which makes a photograph unfortunately less sharp.  But all the images can still show a beautiful moment or animal and be inspirational, just with less detail.

Art reference use of our images 
Using our images as a reference for your art is not free. We ask for a small fee to support us as amateur photographers. This fee includes royalty free use* of the image(s) and (if required) a high resolution download of the images(s).

Images in the Budget shop are only € 5,- each. The price includes our standard royalty free license up to € 1000,- (For the original art piece, including prints, merchandise, NFT’s etc).

Package deals
3 for €12,- (Coupon code BUDGET3)
5 for €18,- (Coupon code: BUDGET5)
10 for €30,- (Coupon code BUDGET10)

Note: The 5=4 coupon code that can be used in the regular Reference Photos Galleries does not apply on images from the Budget Shop. And the above ‘BUDGET’ coupon codes will not work on images from the regular Reference Photos Galleries.

Extended Royalty Free License
If you expect the price of your art piece, including prints, merchandise, NFT's etc. to be over € 1.000,-we offer you the possibility to purchase an Extended Royalty Free License in advance, instead of asking for 10% or the royalties.

The Extended Royalty Free licences are now directly  available on our website. Prices vary per photograph, as they are based on the standard royalty free license fee.

These are the three options for sales prices of original art pieces, including prints merchandise, NFT's etc.

Extended Royalty Free License 1: up to € 5.000,-
Extended Royalty Free License 2: up to € 10.000,-
Extended Royalty Free License 3: for over € 10.000,-

The prices shown with each image are for both Art Reference Use and Extended License added up, so  you can suffice with only purchasing the required Extended  Royalty Free License.

Your Art piece
Your art piece may be entered in competitions, exhibitions and/or sold if you have purchased the image for art reference use. You may also sell prints, merchandise etc. of your art piece.

Exclusive Use for art reference
If you wish to create an exclusive art piece, it is possible to claim 'exclusive use' or 'sole use' for art reference on a photograph. If the artist and photographer can agree on the price, the photograph will be marked on our website as 'No longer be available, sold for exclusive use' and will no longer be available for other artists. The copyright will remain with the photographer at all times, thus the photographer has the right to publish, print, share and sell the original photograph for anything other than art reference. The Exclusive Use License includes full royalty free use of the image.

The price for exclusive/sole use depends on the standard image price, the expected sales and your selling price (including prints, merchandise and NFTs), so there cannot be a set price for it. 

For more information or to request 'Exclusive/Sole Use' on your favourite photograph(s), feel free to contact us or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. 

Reference For Art Class/Tutorial License
Art teachers can use a reference photo for their classes or online tutorials/courses by purchasing a Reference For Art Class/Tutorial License. The prices depend on the photograph and can be requested by email (or a message via our social media).

To request an Art Class/Tutorial License or for more information, contact us or send us a message on Instagram.

The original photographs
Original photographs are only to be used by the person who purchased said image(s). You may not use, reproduce, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish, post (on social media or your personal website) or create derivative works (where applicable) of said images without my prior written permission.

Copyright of all photographs, will always remain with the photographers "By Tazi" (Tazi Brown/Natasja Walravens) and "RRW Animal Photography" (Remco Walravens).

All of our images include a subtle watermark e.g. "By Tazi" or "RRW Animal Photography" in one of the bottom corners. The watermark "RT Budget Shop" will not show on the original download.

This website is facilitated by Zenfolio.com In other words, they offer the shop where we can sell our products (in our case digital downloads). All procedures and communications like the order confirmations are standard formats. We cannot make any modifications. The order confirmation is the only invoice available. We have personalised the website and have our own domain, but for the functionality of the website we are dependable of Zenfolio. Any issues related to download failure, slowness or other errors is their responsibility and out of our hands. We need to contact their service center to help. This may cause a slight delay in getting an answer or a solution. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Once you have downloaded a purchased image, it is not possible to get any refunds as digital items cannot be 'returned'. 

Changes to Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to revise these Terms & Conditions, to correct any errors, omissions and changes on and to this website at any time without notice to you. You are bound by such revisions so we encourage you to visit this page frequently to stay informed.

Terms & Conditions of for Art Reference Use www.RTreferencePhotos.com/BudgetShop - November 2022