About us

RT Reference Photos is a website by R & T, Remco & Tazi. And since RT in English is pronounced as ‘Arty’, we thought that has a nice touch... 'Arty' reference photos.

We are Remco & Natasja Walravens. Married on 7-7-2020 and have our hands full on our cheeky, curious and adorable baby boy, who will be one year old in September.

Natasja, also known as Tazi Brown, shares her photos on Instagram and Facebook as @ByTazi and Remco shares his work on Instagram and Facebook as @RRWanimalPhotography.

Besides loving each other, we also share our passion for animals and photography. We love taking animal portraits and have a slight preference for big cats and primates, but we enjoy every animal we get in front of our camera.

Photography is a way for us to relax and clear our heads while observing gorgeous creatures.

As photography is an expensive and time consuming hobby too, we ask for a small fee to use our photos as a reference for your art. We use high quality (Canon) camera equipment and (Adobe) editing programs and have put a lot of time and energy in taking and editting our photos. We ask for a small fee, to support us as amateur photographers.

Our dream is to just make a little bit extra, so we can support wildlife conservation programs.

For us it is a great honour and we consider it an enormous compliment that womderful artists get inspired by our photographs. We absolutely love seeing the art pieces you create and would like to this this opportunity to thank you for your support.