RT's Leopard Art Challenge 2022


Hello there!

So you are interested to learn more about our leopard challenge? Great! 😊

On this page you can find a lot of information. We kindly ask you to keep on reading, to be sure you know all the instructions and terms before saying yes to the challenge.

The challenge
Create a Leopard art piece inspired by the image on top of this page. The challenge being that the photograph is unedited and not perfect. It is slightly grainy, but still detailed. As you can see, due to the mesh the left side of the photo is not as clear and crisp as the other dide. Can you still see the beauty of the leopard and enough detail to work with... And do you feel inspired by the image? Keep on reading....

The reference photo 
RT Reference Photos (By Tazi and Remco) offers a  FREE unedited websize photograph of a juvenile Sti Lankan leopard to be used ONLY for the art challenge of @RTreferencephotos on Instagram. You can choose between a colour or black & white version.

Yea, that is correct. Using the websize photograph (1000x666px) as a reference for this challenge is FREE if you will  be using the art piece for personal use only (so will not be using the finished art piece commercially or exhibit it etc).

If you prefer to work with a high resolution image (3000×2000) and/or if already know you will be using the art piece commercially after the competition (i.g. to sell the original or prints), you can purchase the full resolution unedited download including a standard royalty free license* for just €5,-

If you want to work from the full resolution edited photograph(6000x4000) in colour or black & white the fee is € 10,- , this also includes standard royalty free license.*

*scroll down to read full information about the Standard Royalty Free license

Unedited vs edited
You get to choose between using the unedited photograph or the edited version. It makes no difference in the poorer quality of the left side of the photograph.

Using the edited version does not make it less challenging. We offer the edits for those that prefer to work with a little more contrast in the reference photo. This challenge is about what feels challenging for you.  If it is challenging enough to use one of our edited but 'not so perfect', but still quite detailed, (especially on the right side) images in full resolution, choose to purchase that one. If it challenges you more to be working from a free, smaller and therefor less detailed reference photo, go for that one. And if you prefer something in between , you can choose to buy the high resolution  unedited version. It is all up to you! 😊

The usage
The art piece you create of the FREE version may solely be used for the challenge, the competition and to be shared on your social media AFTER the competition. (Works in progress may be shared before the competition starts).

Obviously, you do not have to paint/draw/sew/etc the full photograph. You may also pick a part. A paw, eye, nose, face or half a face... Whatever you feel like.  Whatever inspires you most.

Choosing one of the paid versions includes a standard royalty free license* for using the art piece (and/or prints, merchandise etc. of said art piece) commercially, enter it in other competitions, exhibit it etc (up to € 1000,-)

Image downloads may be used solely as a reference by the participant who joins RT's Leopard Art Challenge and downloaded the photograph to create an art piece. It is not allowed to forward, share or give the download to others. You may not reproduce, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish or create derivative works (where applicable) of the original photograph.

*scroll down to read full information about the Standard Royalty Free license

The copyright of the original photograph
The copyright of the (unedited or edited) photograph will always remain with RT Photography (Tazi) and the image may therefore not be offered for sale, published or forwarded to any other (third) parties etc. as mentioned above.

The competition 
There will be a competition in our Instagram stories at @rtreferencephotos and we will have a jury voting for a winner too. The jury will be announced in our stories soon and can be found in our 'Leopard Challenge' Higlight afterwards.

- Entries need to be sent in before 11 November  2022.
- Please send a clear photograph of the art piece to: [email protected] to ensure we will share the best quality version of your edit in the competion. Please make sure you mention your instagram accountname, the title of your piece, the medium and size of your art piece in your email. Obviously we will only use said photograph for the competition and possibly in a Reel announcing the competition.
- You may NOT share your finished art piece in your stories/feed, UNTIL AFTER THE COMPETITION and please do credit @rtreferencephotos as the provider of the reference photo. 😊 Posting the finished piece before, may have concequenses for your participation in the competion. (i.g. disqualification or deduction of votes)
- You may post work in progress photos/videos of your leopard art piece in your stories or feed as long as you mention our challenge & credit us @rtreferencephotos. 😊 We might share them in a Reel or story too.
- In the competition rounds art pieces will be shared anonymously.
- Self promotion is not allowed. Doing so may have concequenses for your participation in the competion. (I.g. disqualification or deduction of votes)
- At the end of the competition or when your art piece is out of the competition, we will share the entries with full credits in our stories.


And the winner is....
The winners will be announced in our stories and and featured in our feed and will get a voucher for € 25,- to spend on reference photos here on 

Additional info / terms & conditions for RT's Leopard Art challenge
You will get a link by e-mail to download the image (JPG-file) and are aware the image can ONLY be used for creating an art piece for this challenge and can not be used for any other purpose without prior consent unless you purchase the Standard Royalty free license. 

And after reading this whole page and  you are interested in joining RT's Leopard Art Challenge,  sending us the DM to let us know you would like to join, means automatically that you have read and agree with the instructions & terms of the competition and challenge. If you do not follow these terms, you may be disqualified from the competition.

- Art pieces created for this challenge, reproductions, prints etc may not be offered for sale or published unless you purchased the standard royalty free license (Which is €5,- (unedited) or €10,- (edited). You may purchase that in advance or decide after te piece is finished and it turned out to be a masterpiece. 😉

Just good to know
Due to Tazi's traumatic brain injury caused by an accident in 2018 (Tazi has PCS and PPPD) and caring for our 2 year old son, she may not always have enough energy to reply to messages. She has good days and bad days, so there is no set date for when the competition will start, will carry on or will finish. It is a lot of work to prepare and set up, which can only be done on good days. But it is so much fun to do!! So please be patient with us. 😊   Seeing all the beautiful art pieces (in progress)  already brings us so much joy!

Still interested in doing this challenge?
This is how you  can join:
- Please make sure you follow our Instagram  account @rtreferencephotos to join the challenge.
- After reading this page and agreeing with  the challenge terms, send @rtreferencephotos a DM saying "I am in" (or something like that 😉) and let us know if you prefer to use the FREE websize version or the high resolution download.
- Share the story or post template we provide and make sure you tag us. (send us a screenshot of your story if you have a private account).
- You will get a link and instructions to the downloads, choose your preference and go through to check out procedure if applicable.
- To obtain the download, you need to choose 'buy' and fill in your details in order to get the download link by e-mail. Obviously you do not have to pay when you choose the free websize version. 😉
- Any kind of art is allowed: Painting, drawing, sketching, scratching, sewing, digital drawing... Anyrhing, except for photo editing and photo manipulation.
- You do not have to use the full image or original colours, so you are free to let your artistic interpretion guide you. 
- And most importantly.... Enjoy creating art!!


xxRemco & Tazi 

ps do not forget to DM @rtreferencephotos "I am in" if you would like to join 😊


If you decide to purchase one of the high resolution images including standard royalty free license, you can find the applicable subjects of our terms & conditions, the standard royalty free license, below. 




Standard Royalty Free License 


RT Reference Photos offers photographs "By Tazi" (Natasja Walravens aka Tazi Brown) and by "RRW Animal Photography (Remco Walravens) for art reference use and are only to be used as reference for (non-digital*) artworks. Purchased images may be used solely by the person who purchased the photograph. You may use a purchased reference photo more than once. It is however not allowed to forward, share or give it to others. You may of course refer them to us to purchase their own.

*Digital art is not allowed, with the exception of digital drawing. But using the original image to create digital art by using filters, apps, edits etc. is not allowed.

Most of our images found on our social media can be purchased for art reference use. (Exceptions can be images that have been purchased for 'exclusive/sole use*'). We are regularly uploading new images, so if the one you like is not yet available on the website yet, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Art reference use of our images 
Using our images as a reference for your art is not free. We ask for a small fee to support us as amateur photographers. This fee includes royalty free use* of the image(s) and (if required) a high resolution download of the images(s).

*scroll down to read more about Royalty free Licenses.

Most images are available for prices between €10,- and €30,- per photo. 

Standard Art Reference Use License, including Royalty free use up to € 1.000,-
For art that is created for personal use or to be offered for sale under € 1000,-, (one thousand) a 'Royalty Free License' is included in the Standard Art Reference Use License. If you expect the price of your art piece to be over € 1.000,-, an Extended Royalty Free License is required.

Extended Royalty Free License
If you expect the price of your art piece, including prints, merchandise etc. to be over € 1.000,-, we offer you the possibility to purchase an Extended Royalty Free License in advance, instead of asking for 10% or the royalties. The following prices are in addition to the standard prices and can only be requested by e-mail as we personalize the licenses. 

If you expect your asking price will be
Between € 1.000 and € 5.000,- the Extended Royalty Free License is € 75,-
Between € 5.000 and € 10.000,- the Extended Royalty Free License is € 250,-
Over € 10.000,- the Extended Royalty Free License is € 500,-

To request an Extended Royalty Free License or for more information, contact us or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Your Art piece
Your art piece may be entered in competitions, exhibitions and/or sold if you have purchased the image for art reference use. You may also sell prints, merchandise etc. of your art piece.

The original photographs
Original photographs are only to be used by the person who purchased said image(s). You may not use, reproduce, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish, post (on social media or your personal website) or create derivative works (where applicable) of said images without my prior written permission.

Copyright of all photographs, will always remain with the photographers "By Tazi" (Tazi Brown/Natasja Walravens) and "RRW Animal Photography" (Remco Walravens).

All of our images include a subtle watermark e.g. "By Tazi" or "RRW Animal Photography" in one of the bottom corners. The watermark "RT Reference Photos" will not show on the original download.

This website is facilitated by In other words, they offer the shop where we can sell our products (in our case digital downloads). All procedures and communications like the order confirmations are standard formats. We cannot make any modifications. The order confirmation is the only invoice available. We have personalised the website and have our own domain, but for the functionality of the website we are dependable of Zenfolio. Any issues related to download failure, slowness or other errors is their responsibility and out of our hands. We need to contact their service center to help. This may cause a slight delay in getting an answer or a solution. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Once you have downloaded a purchased image, it is not possible to get any refunds as digital items cannot be 'returned'. 

Changes to Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to revise these Terms & Conditions, to correct any errors, omissions and changes on and to this website at any time without notice to you. You are bound by such revisions so we encourage you to visit this page frequently to stay informed.

Terms & Conditions of for Art Reference Use - August 2022