Happy to know there is an image that makes you want to join the challenge! 🤗

Here is some additional info / terms & conditions for the Tiger editing / art challenge By Tazi.

- Please follow my account @bytazi (if you don't already) to join. 😊
- You will get a link to download the image (,JPG-file) and are aware the image can ONLY be used for editting or creating an art piece for this challenge and can not be used for any other purpose without prior consent/ my permission (@bytazi).
- Images may be used solely by the person who joins Tazi's Tiger Challenge, one image (the image of choice) per participant. It is however not allowed to forward, share or give it to others. You may not reproduce, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish or create derivative works (where applicable) of said image.
- Every kind of edit is allowed. Add things, remove things, change colours, crop... Anyting.
- In the competition round edits/art pieces will be shared anonymously
- At the end of the competition, I will share all entries with proper credits in my stories;
- Due to my traumatic brain injury caused by an accident (I have PCS and PPPD), I have good days and bad days, so there is no set date for when the competition will start, will carry on or will finish. It is a lot of work to prepare and set up, which I can only do on good days. But it is so much fun to do!! So please be patient with me. 😊
- The winners will be announced here in my stories and featured in my feed.
- The copyright of  the photograph will always remain with me, Tazi Brown (@ByTazi) and the image (original/edited) may therefore not be offered for sale, published or forwarded to any other (third) parties etc.
- You may of course share your edit in your stories/feed, AFTER THE COMPETITION and please do credit me as the original photographer and yourself as the editor/artist 😊

- Your edit needs to be sent in before Tuesday 10 August 2021;

- Please send your edit/art piece to: [email protected] to ensure I will share the best quality version of your edit in the competition in my stories.  Please make sure you mention your instagram accountname in your e-mail.

- Please inform your followers in your stories that you are joining this challenge, tag me and invite them to join too (I will send a story template if you decide agree with these terms &  confirm you take the challenge)! 🤗

-If you agree with all the above, reply with I agree and I will send you the story template. When you have shared it in your stories, I will send you the download link. 😊