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The challenge
We would like you to draw, paint, airbrush, woodburn, sew or whatever art style of your choice this cute little melanistic jaguar cub.... And most importantly, without the wire fences showing. This may be the biggest challenge we have done so far as it leaves room for your own interpretation plus.. It is a black animal, which already can be quite challenging... 

These are the criteria for your entry:
- You may enter one art piece for the competition;
- It may be any form of art;
- The fences may not show;
- The piece must include the full face of the jaguar cub;
- The rest is all up to you.  You may fill in the background any way you like of leave it blank, add other elements. Whatever you feel like. Except for wire fences. :)
- Digitial art entries are not allowed, with the exception of digitial drawings.

The Downloads
You can choose between using a
FREE websize version of the photograph. The art piece you create may not be used commercially. In case you later decide you do want to sell the original piece and/or prints if it, you can purchase the Standard Royalty Free License afterwards.
High resolution download for € 5,99, which includes our Standard Royalty Free License for commercial use of the original art piece. (Read our full terms & conditions regarding the royalty free licenses here)

The reference photo
The original downloaded image may be used solely as a reference by the participant who joins RT's Art Challenge '23: "Free the jaguar cub" to create one art piece. It is not allowed to forward, share or give the download to others. You may not reproduce, distribute, sell, modify, transmit, revise, reverse engineer, republish or create derivative works (where applicable) of the original photograph. Copyright of the original photograph will always remain with RT Photography.

Posting on social media
- When you share work in progress posts (photos or videos) and you must tag @rtreferencephotos. You may also send us WIP photos or videos so we can share them in work in progress posts on our social media.

Other than with the previous challenges, you may (in fact, you must 😇) share a post or reel of the finished piece in your social media. Do make sure to tag us, otherwise we might miss your entry! When all entries are in, we will share that post in our stories (on Instagram) or timeline (on Facebook) and will ask our followers to vote.  They will have 24 hours.

Closing date for competition entries
15 November 2023 (Midnight, your local time), but you may share your finished piece any time before that date on your socials.

Voting will be done for each piece individually. We will then add up all votes per participant and that will get us the top 4, who will then be competing in a final voting round.

Trying a different kind of competition to see if that works better for us. 

Are you in for this challenge?
Follow these 3 steps:
1) Click here, fill in the form and send the email.
2) Post the template in your stories or feed on Instagram or on your timeline on Facebook and don't forget to tag @rtreferencephotos! (Get the templates here)
3) Be sure to follow @RTreferencephotos on Instagram and/or Facebook!

We will send you the link to the downloads accordingly.

Thanks very much if you are joining our challenging art challenge and we look forward to see your art!!

xTazi & Remco